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  1. 'Bites' by Meelis Friedenthaal

  2. Collected poetry by Inese Zandere

  3. 'Gaidot vārdus' by Jaan Undusk

  4. Paavo Matsins 'The Blue Guard'. 
    Cover illustration by Josh Saunders

  5. 'Balts papīrs un laiks' by Jaan Kaplinski

  6. 'Selected writings' by Daniil Kharms
    Together with Masha Batsea

  7. Series of books by Dylan Thomas. Art Directed by Steve Marking at Orion Publishing. Idea behind the designs is to refer to Thomas' polka-dot bow tie.

  8. 'Beautiful animal' short stories by Andrus Kivirähk.
    With Nathaniel Russell

  9. 'Another Country' by James Baldwin

  10. 'Elementi' by Henriks Eliass Zēgners

  11. 'The Same River' by Jaan Kaplinski

  12. 'MĒS. Collected poems' by Kārlis Vērdiņš
    co-designed with Lotte Meijer