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  1. 'Mēŗa stabs / Skūpstu grāmata' by Jaroslav Seifert

  2. 'Gaidot vārdus' by Jaan Undusk

  3. 'Balts papīrs un laiks' by Jaan Kaplinski

  4. 'The Engineer of Human Souls' by Josef Škvorecký

  5. 'A Love Letter in Cuneiform Script' by Tomáš Zmeškal

  6. 'Selected writings' by Daniil Kharms
    Together with Masha Batsea

  7. 'Beautiful animal' short stories by Andrus Kivirähk.
    With Nathaniel Russell

  8. Series of books by Dylan Thomas. Art Directed by Steve Marking at Orion Publishing. Idea behind the designs is to refer to Thomas' polka-dot bow tie.

  9. Co-design of visual identity concept for Dutch National Opera & Ballet
    with Lesley Moore

  10. Logo and visual identity for Riga International Film festival. More images coming soon.

  11. 'Another Country' by James Baldwin

  12. 'Elements' by Henriks Eliass Zēgners

  13. 'The Book' by Mikołaj Łoziński

  14. Logo and visual identity for shoe designer Elīna Dobele

  15. 'Eagles and angels' by Juli Zeh

  16. 'MĒS. Collected poems' by Kārlis Vērdiņš
    co-designed with Lotte Meijer

  17. 'The Same River' by Jaan Kaplinski

  18. Series of pocket-size poetry books by Scandinavian and Portuguese authors

  19. 'The Pilgrimage' by Tiit Aleksejev. Co-designed with Minho Kwon

  20. Cover design for Latvian design magazine's 'Dizaina Studija' last issue.
    A Collage made from all previous covers. Co-designed with Rūta and Artis Briedis.

  21. Identity and poster for adventurous music and film art festival 'Skaņu Mežs 2012' (Sound Forest 2012).
    Festival animation made by Simon François

  22. Poster / invitation for an exhibition "track changes" in Museum of Contemporary Art Leipzig

  23. Birth card for my nephew Gustavs Lapsa ("Lapsa" translates as fox from latvian)

  24. Latvian poetry book series.
    Books by Velga Krile, Arvis Viguls and Anna Foma

  25. 'Reconstruction' by Eugène Green